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Aleksandra Szelągowska is responsible for all YOSOY designs and the spirit of the brand, and is an ardent fan of Spain.
It is no coincidence that the name of the company comes from Spanish and can be translated as: I am.
I am. Simply. Here and now.
The most beautiful… – this is YOSOY and that is the world we create.
YOSOY is a team of creative people, whose positive ideas result in projects using the very best Polish materials and high quality European cotton yarn.
We assume that only the projects that stem from a genuine passion end up being successful.

yosoy logo

We love what we do and believe that our efforts to create beautiful little things for infants help to change the world. By creating the child’s developmental space – colourful, beautiful and positive – we create the aesthetics, objectives and dreams of whoever they grow up to be. It is they who will draw on these values in the future and develop them further.

The YOSOY team takes pains to ensure that the products that end up in a child’s room are made with the greatest care, are delightful for a toddler’s to behold and… a mother who does not only consider beauty but also safety.

This is how the world of YOSOY looks and we invite to step inside!

Stick with us and share any insights you may have regarding not just our products but anything at all that you care to mention!

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